Avalanche play hilarious water game in new video

The Colorado Avalanche made it rain indoors.

Players engaged in a hilarious game where a teammate fills their mouths with water while their partner tries to get them to spit it out.

There were a number of tactics used by the Avalanche to trick their partners into spitting out the water.

Tweet from @Avalanche: What happened at the rookie party, Gabe? WHAT HAPPENED IN PHILADELPHIA? #GoAvsGo pic.twitter.com/Gs1lJ1mhUT

Logan O’Connor made funny noises to get JT Compher to spit out his water. Compher then used the tickle method to successfully get O’Connor’s water out of his mouth.

Gabriel Landeskog and Eric Johnson told personal anecdotes to make each other laugh.

“Remember my rookie party in LA?” Landeskog asked, which made Johnson laugh but his mouth watered.

“Remember that time in Philadelphia in your rookie year?” Johnson asked Landeskog, who couldn’t handle his water and spit it out laughing.

Devon Toews and Kal Makar went the dad joke route.

“What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?” Toews asked Maker. “Deliveries!” It was a struggle, but Maker kept the water inside after the joke.

When did the man go to the dentist?’ asked Makar Toews. “Toothache.”

Toews, always cool under the most intense pressure, didn’t even flinch when he heard the punch line.

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