AVALANCHE NOTEBOOK: Andrew Cogliano Injured; Bednar Will “rethink” Goalie Situation

Just got home after a 4 hour bus ride from Edmonton to Calgary and a 2 hour flight to Denver. By the way, thanks to everyone who read our content this weekend. To say the traffic was huge would be an understatement. Some bad news, revealed by Avalanche trainer Jared Bednar today as I was heading back (with poor wifi): Andrew Cogliano is injured and it seems questionable if he’ll be back for the start of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Yeah I guess we can safely assume the injury is to the right hand. The social media crew at Denver International Airport posted this, not me. So it’s public information now I guess.

Cogliano blocked a shot last night and the hand obviously took the brunt of it. If he can’t play in the finals, it’s another loss for the Avs. Bednar even said Cogliano’s injury was similar to Nazem Kadri’s. If anyone can play it, it’s Cogs – who was the NHL’s Ironman for years until a false suspension by the NHL Department of Player Safety while he was at Anaheim ended that.

But I mean if it’s a broken hand? He’s not Superman.

“He’s out for now,” Jared Bednar said. “Similar situation to Kadri. We’ll see how it goes. We’re not really sure what the schedule will be for either of them.”

We still don’t know when Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be. It will be either June 15 or June 18, a league source said Colorado Hockey Now yesterday. Tampa Bay tied their series with the Rangers tonight, so that series will run through at least June 11th. The latest this series can go is June 14th. Game 6, which is now a certainty, will be on June 11th, and if that’s the way it goes, there’s a three-day break between 6 and 7.

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Sooo…. Some more waiting for the Avalanche. But in this case, with Kadri and Cogs injured and some other guys probably beat up too, the extra free time could come in very handy. No pun intended.

“We still have one step left. I don’t feel like any of our guys are happy,” Bednar said. “Moving through was great, but it wasn’t our goal from the start. It was all up for grabs. That’s what our guys focus on. Seems they’re determined, and now we’re getting some much-needed rest. Hopefully we can get healthier than we are now and prepare for whenever this begins.

When asked about the work done by Pavel Francouz last night and assessing the goalkeeping situation in the future, Bednar said the following:

“I think we just did it game after game. If he made a good game and got his work done, we go back to him no matter where Darcy is. It’s just the circumstances you get into. And you might as well ride it out and see how it goes,” Bednar said. “If Frankie ever stumbled, we had an opportunity to return to Kemps. Now we will reconsider and try to come up with our best possible plan for the start of the final.”

This will no doubt be a hot Avalanche topic up until Game 1. Who should be the starter in goal? We’ll get into that tomorrow and later. Light is off at the moment. Long day.

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