Avalanche NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog – who are Avs targeting?

Good morning Didn’t get much sleep last night, but oh well. It’s time to talk about the Avalanche NHL trade deadline and what I’ve been hearing all morning ahead of the 1pm cutoff in the mountains.

I was just informed by a good source that the Avs are “trying” to bring up Andrew Copp from the Winnipeg Jets. He is 27, last year under contract with UFA this summer. In other words, a probable rental. He’s tall (6-1, 206) and plays in the center. He currently centers the Jets’ third line, and that’s the likely role he would have with the Avs.

I think that would make Nico Sturm a center of the fourth line. That’s all we have to worry about later, so let’s stick with what we know here.

Copp has a history of multiple concussions. Recently there were concerns he actually had another, but apparently not, and he had three assists in a win in Winnipeg last night. He has 13 goals and 35 points in 56 games this season. He has scored double-digit goals in the last four seasons and regularly wins faceoffs in the lower 50s (54% so far this year).

Health risks aside, Copp would be a nice deadline pickup. But at what cost? Keep in mind that Avs don’t have a first-round pick in 2022, which could be an obstacle to a deal. Would Copp still be a first-round pick? Opinions on this seem to be mixed.

What do you Avs fan say?

I’ll update this as news/rumours/wild/reckless speculation continues…

Domi’s name has been in rumours, some linking him to the Avs. If he came here, it would be his fourth team in seven years. He has talent but he’s small and I don’t know if he makes sense for this team at the moment.

So, Marc-Andre Fleury into the wild. Interesting. By the way, Avs never made offers for Flower.

I hear mixed things on Cal Clutterbuck. A source said Avs is still “poking around” at him, while another believes it won’t happen. We will see.

I personally think Clutterbuck would be a nice addition. If he came here, he would probably sit in the fourth row in Kubel’s current position.

He hasn’t been linked to the Avs at all, but have people noticed that Jake DeBrusk signed a two-year extension at a $4 million cap this morning – but he’s still reportedly wanting to be traded?

I wonder about DeBrusk. The contract extension actually makes him more tradable in my opinion. Teams are happy to bring in a tenured player when they can. Why can’t he come here?

I was told that Avs are NOT interested in Max Domi.

Avs bring in Montreal’s Arturri Lehkonen for Justin Barron and a second-round pick. First reaction: I don’t like the deal. Write this story now.

Andrew Cogliano to Avs from San Jose. He’s getting older, not the player he used to be. But heaps of playoff experience. Probably a replacement for Kubel, or at least a train situation. We will see.

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