Anthony Edwards on Hustle and the Celtics & Warriors NBA Finals Series

With director Jeremiah Zagar‘s Hurry Stream on Netflix now, I recently spoke to the Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards about making his first film. Written by Taylor Materne and Wants shackles, Hurry is about a road-weary scout for the Philadelphia 76ers (Adam Sandler), who discovers an incredible player off the net in Spain (Juancho Hernangomez) and her journey to prove to everyone that he belongs in the NBA. The film also has stars Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, KennySmith, Jordan Hull, Maria Botto, Ainhoa ​​pill, Raul Castillo, Jaleel White, Heidi Gaertner and Robert Duval.

During the interview, which was taped just before the start of the NBA Finals, Edwards shared his thoughts on the matchup between the Boston Celtics or the Golden State Warriors, how the pickup games were when they weren’t filmed, which surprised him, making a film about what it’s like to be an NBA player and watch a game on TV, and what surprised him when he first started playing professional games. Since we both love dogs, we also talked a lot about his dog, Anthony Edwards Jr.


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Check out what they had to say in the player above, and below is exactly what we talked about, followed by the synopsis. Check out Ross’s review for more on Hustle.

Anthony Edwards

  • Who will win the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics or the Golden State Warriors?
  • What is it like being an NBA player and watching a game on TV?
  • What surprised him about making a film he wasn’t expecting?
  • Who among your friends and family is the most excited about making a movie with Adam Sandler?
  • What did he give Juancho Hernangómez because he’s the one who got him the role?
  • How were the pickup games when not filming?
  • What was it like filming on set?
  • What surprised him about the NBA?
  • Is he a sneakerhead?
  • Which sneakers would he save in an emergency?
  • How did his dog named Anthony Edwards Jr come into his life?
  • How he does everything with his dog.
  • Did he catch the acting mistakes while making? Hurry?

Here is the official synopsis for Hurry:

Stanley Sugerman’s (Adam Sandler) love of basketball is unparalleled, but the travel-weary Philadelphia 76ers scout with higher aspirations of becoming a coach remains on the road in search of the next unknown talent. His quest around the world takes him to Spain, where he discovers Bo Cruz (NBA player Juancho Hernangómez), an incredible streetball player with a colorful past. Stanley and Bo connect on and off the court with their passion for the game and as loving fathers of families who want to prove they can win, at basketball and in life. With the support of Stanley’s wife, Teresa (Queen Latifah), can the underdogs prevail?

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