A Terrence Ross trade the Boston Celtics need to consider

Rumor has it that a longstanding goal that we at HH have been urging the Boston Celtics to try and pursue has only recently been made available on the retail market.

According to the folks at Hoops Hype, league sources have told them that the Orlando Magic are buying players like veteran wing Terrence Ross, and the hope among interested teams is that the asking price will drop to something similar to what it was when the franchise was negotiated with Evan Fournier just two trading days ago:

Previously, the asking price for Ross at the close was a first round selection. With Ross now owing $11.5 million in the final year of his contract, competing teams with interest are hoping Orlando lowers his price to multiple second-round picks, similar to when the team previously traded Evan Fournier to the Celtics.

Now that they already shelled out the rights to their first-round pick in last year’s draft and for this upcoming draft, the Cs would certainly not have been interested in giving up another pick should Magic’s asking price remain the same as it has since of this final deadline were, and frankly they should not be.

Should the price drop as mentioned, Boston Ross should definitely be pursuing this summer, and we think this is a deal that could see such an exchange go through:

Get Celtics

Terence Ross

received magic

2022 second round selection

Second round selection 2023 (Via POR)

Luckily for the Boston Celtics, they wouldn’t have to include players going overseas in exchange for the small forward, as they could simply choose to use some of the $17.5 million TPE they earned last offseason Fournier sign-and-trade got the NY Knicks, which in and of itself would be a luxury for Orlando.

Beyond that, though, we’re also seeing the franchise get the kind of draft capital that many are hoping they’ll demand in hypothetical negotiations, bringing back a 2022 second-round pick and then another in 2023 over the Portland Trail Blazers .

Of course, the biggest part of this deal is Terrence Ross finally finding his way to eastern Massachusetts because, as we said before, at Houdini we’ve been pushing for such a scenario for literally years, even calling it a “dream.” Aim at a point for the ball bat.

In recent seasons, the Celtics have emerged as one of the least productive second units in the association in terms of scoring, finishing 29th in points per game in 2019-20, 28th in 2020-21 and just that past busy season, finished 26th

From the stats to the tried-and-true eye test (especially at this year’s NBA Finals, where they didn’t have any really reliable scoring chances when Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown needed some help), it’s obvious that Brad Stevens and co. should be keen looking to muster some additional offensive firepower this offseason, and Ross could prove to be a rather low-risk, high-reward option to consider.

Since 2019, the veteran wing has averaged 13.8 points per game on 35 percent shots from deep (on 6.2 attempts), along with 3.2 boards, 1.7 assists and just short of a steal while playing mostly from the bank came.

From his incredible athleticism, which allows him to land on the edge with ease, to his dependable shot and isolation skills, which see him serve as a threat from middle distance to beyond the arc, Terrence Ross is a veteran goalscoring threat , which every team seeks to contend for, would probably love to come off the pine, and with just a year’s $11.5 million left in his contract, the Boston Celtics make him absolutely worth investing in, even with its semi-overwhelming turnout in 2021-22.

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