A blockbuster trade for Dejounte Murray the Boston Celtics must consider

Though things were quiet at the start of this year’s NBA offseason, fret not Boston Celtics fans because big things could be just on the horizon for this ball club.

At least that’s what the front desk said.

After not entering the first round of this year’s NBA draft, as he reportedly wanted, and instead staying in 23rd place, where JD Davison was ultimately selected, in a post-draft press conference, Basketball Operations President Brad Stevens, said there had been a lot of discussion about what the Cs could do this offseason, with his key comment being, “Things are just getting started.”

Of course, the biggest storyline surrounding Boston’s summer endeavors revolves around what they intend to do with their troop of TPEs, particularly the one they found about the Evan Fournier sign-and-trade during last year’s free agency stint with the Knicks totaling up to $17.1 million.

With that luxury, the franchise has the opportunity to bring in several high-profile talents to bolster their roster and bring them closer to their first title since 2008 after coming just two wins from such a feat last season.

From guys like Alec Burks to Terrence Ross (both solid options the Boston Celtics should still be considering), there are plenty of ballers Stevens and co. could go on between now and the exception expiring on July 18, the vast majority of whom are great role players.

However, there are a few real stars out there that could theoretically be included in the famous TPE, and one in particular may not be as difficult to acquire as once believed.

More recently, reports emerged that the Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs were in trade talks aimed at sending All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray to Georgia.

While many were initially under the impression that up-and-coming great man John Collins would be traveling to Texas on this type of exchange, per Zach Klein from WSBthe deal would likely focus on the 25-year-old being swapped out for Danilo Gallinari and several future first-round picks.

Just a few days ago, we explained that the Boston Celtics’ trade for Murray this summer should be viewed as a mere pipe dream, as we initially believed the Spurs would be desperate to acquire picks galore and young promising prospects in return.

However, if Klein’s reports are true and the franchise is interested in Atlanta’s offering of picks and a 33-year-old forward making over $20 million next season, then you better believe the Cs can top that sort of package if they wanted. and below is one they must offer if they do this:

Get Celtics

Dejount Murray

received spores

aaron nesmith,

2024 first round selection, 2025 first round selection exchange,

2026 First Round Pick (Top-5 Protected)

Obviously, with the loss of Dejounte Murray, the San Antonio Spurs will be fully focused on starting a full-fledged rebuild, and with Aaron Nesmith’s offer along with picks, it already seems Boston would make a better offer than the Falcons.

The winger, who was lottery-picked just two years ago, came into the league as one of the top scorers and arguably the best scorer in his respective classes after ending his last collegiate campaign with an average of 23 points on 52 percent shooting from the Depth had finished and 51 percent are shooting from the bottom overall.

While his first two seasons at the next level weren’t all that impressive (averaging 4.2 points on just 32 percent depth shots), we at Houdini, along with many other pundits, believe his shortcomings broadly exist, due to inconsistent playing time and the fact that he’s a player who needs proper attention and guidance, something a championship-seeking team usually can’t offer their project youngins.

However, when properly skated on the hardwood during his NBA journey, the wing has mostly managed to impress.

Yes, we always say it, but it’s absolutely true that of the 8.6 point and 5.1 rebound average, 42 percent is shooting from deep if he’s getting 20+ minutes a game during his rookie campaign while the buzzer League 2021, where he averaged 17.4 points and 6.2 rebounds on 50 percent shooting from the field in 26.7 minutes through to even during the 2021 preseason where he averaged 10.8 points on 50 percent shooting from deep in 17.1 minutes, we’ve seen Nesmith shine when he’s consistently given opportunities.

In a rebuilding squad like Spurs he could be given just that and in return could actually reach his full potential and have a solid professional career as a result.

Furthermore, in this scenario, they would also create a fairly lucrative TPE for themselves, which could certainly come in handy, especially if they want to go down the route of accepting unwanted contracts to keep hoarding draft picks.

As for the Boston Celtics, they would obviously get the biggest name in the entire exchange at Murray for one hell of a bargain.

By bringing him on board, Ime Udoka would not only bring on board that pure point guard that many feel this rotation is needed, but we’d see how with him, Jaylen Brown and of course Jayson Tatum become a new big -3 is formulated .

Just last season, the guard earned his first All-Star nod by averaging 21.1 points, 9.2 assists, 8.3 rebounds and league-leading two steals per game on 46 percent shots from the field.

If he teams up with the Jays, the Boston Celtics would be in possession of arguably the most menacing two-way trinity in the game today.

A player who seems to offer a bit of everything on the floor, a team like the C’s who seem to be a stone away from bringing home Banner No. 18 should strongly consider entering into trade talks on Dejounte Murray, especially if the offer is that Spurs are reportedly considering taking what Klein has said.

Boston can absolutely beat that!

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