7 travel bases that one writer will bring for each trip


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As someone who likes to travel light, I’m always looking for basic things that are compact and easy. And if they’re a little bulkier, I prefer them to have a second feature to be worthy of the coveted space in my suitcase. Thanks to many trials and errors during my many years of travel, I finally feel that I have a good selection of travel things that I carry with me everywhere.

These necessities not only make my life easier when I’m away from home, but thanks to this list of favorites, my packaging process is also much more efficient. I am no longer stressed about what to bring, as I know that I will have all my basics buried so that I can take these basic things, my usual toiletries and suitable clothes for a specific trip.

From quick night visits to long overseas vacations, I have brought these seven travel products to almost every type of trip and have always helped me feel super ready. From a handy bag that has a built-in charger to portable steamer thanks to which unpacking is a toy, keep reading things without which I will never leave the house. Add one or two to your own travel gear collection before your next excursion.

Away a suitcase

Ever since I had to pull a huge suitcase up and down the stairs of a London Underground station a few years ago, I promised I would never check my bag again – so this handy hand luggage away debuted. Even though it’s compact enough to fit in the overhead bin on the plane, it’s still big enough to fit all my stuff. In fact, I was on a two-week trip around Europe with just this and a bag and I was fine.

It’s easy to navigate crowded streets and airports, and I like split compartments and an internal compression system that helps create more space. However, my favorite feature of the suitcase is the built-in charger. It allows me to revive all my devices on the go. Just a warning, many airlines will ask you to remove the battery from the bag before boarding, but fortunately it will only come out at the touch of a button.

LeanTravel compression cube set

Since I only travel with compact carry-on luggage, I’m always looking for ways to maximize bag space and these LeanTravel compression packing cubes are the easiest way to do this. Each set contains six dice: two large, two medium and two small. Each has a double zipper to squeeze the entire cube into a more compact size as you pack your belongings inside.

The tops of the cubes are made of mesh, so I can see what’s inside, and I don’t have to waste time opening everyone to find what I’m looking for. In addition, they lie flat and do not take up much space in my suitcase.

After one unfortunate night flight, where the television in my seat didn’t work, I always traveled with a tablet so I could have fun. I recently upgraded to latest iPad Mini and love it. Before any flight, train or trip, I’ll make sure I download all the latest Netflix shows I want to see, and make sure my Kindle app is up to date with all the books in line to read.

Its battery lasts up to 10 hours at a time and easily connects to WiFi, so I can also surf the web. The screen size is 8.3 inches, which is an ideal size for watching movies and reading books, but it’s still small enough to fit in my purse.

I never fly without this ostrich travel pillow, and it’s so comfortable that I even started carrying it with me on train trips and excursions. Not only does it provide the ergonomic neck support I need to sleep on an airplane without waking up in pain, but thanks to the Velcro fastening it is also fully adjustable so I can find it tailored.

I like that it has two different heights, unlike most travel pillows, which are the same size everywhere. Even better, the soft and breathable cover is removable and machine washable – making it very easy to clean. When not in use, the pillow can be rolled up to 60 percent smaller and comes with a practical travel case.

Active leggings Spanx Booty Boost

When it comes to packing clothes, I always look for versatile options that can be worn in several ways, so that I leave more space in my suitcase for other necessities or shopping during the trip. While the choice of most pieces depends on the climate of the place or type of activities I participate in, these leggings Spanx Booty Boost they always get in my bag, no matter what happens. (And I’m not the only fan – celebrities also love this style of Spanx.)

These are my favorite travel pants because they are just as flattering and comfortable. The four-way stretch material moves with me, while the high belt always stays in place, so I don’t have to constantly adjust. In addition to wearing them while traveling, I also wear them during training, running and sightseeing. I love a massive black couple because they are versatile enough to match everything I have in my suitcase.

Hilife portable clothes steamer

There’s nothing worse than spending a day traveling just to open your suitcase and find that your clothes are crumpled so that you wear out. I hate ironing, so I always travel with this handy portable steam cooker from Hilife. It warms up quickly and provides up to 15 continuous minutes of steam – which is more than enough to remove wrinkles on clothes. It weighs less than 2 pounds, so it doesn’t add a ton of weight to my bag and its compact size saves space.

I even found a second use of a handy gadget – I use it to refresh my face on the go. It opens my pores so that my favorite beauty products can penetrate the skin faster. If you are going to try this hack yourself, make sure you keep the steamer at least 8 to 10 inches away from your face to avoid overheating or burns.

Extra smooth razor Gillette Venus Mini

I’ve been a fan of the full-size Gillette Venus for a long time, so when I discovered thumbnail version I knew it would become the staple in my toiletry bag. Like the standard size, the razor has five ultra-sharp blades that are surrounded by a “moisture ribbon” to help prevent cuts and hydrate the skin.

The rounded head slides smoothly over my skin and the sticky rubber handle prevents me from letting it into the shower. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be packed more comfortably than your average razor, but this travel-friendly product also comes with a storage case that protects it during transport. In addition, the package contains one spare blade, so I never have to look for a disposable razor again on holiday.

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