5 best players to go 14th in NBA Draft history

Clyde Drexler (R), Houston Rockets. Photo by HECTOR MATA/AFP via Getty Images

Losing the play-in tournament sent the Cleveland Cavaliers to the bottom of the lottery. After the tiny chance of jumping up the lottery was wiped out on NBA Draft Lottery night, the Cavs began preparing to pick a No. 14 player.

For the Cavs, it will mark the first time in franchise history that they have finished 14th. You’ll be looking at a variety of players, especially in a draft like this year’s where chaos lurks after the first few picks and some players have 20 or even 30 pick ranges.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the 14th pick in the 2022 NBA draft. Does draft history help the Cavs feel good about their chances of a star draft?

Can the Cavs expect to make a real difference with 14th pick? While there’s no guarantee they’ll pick the right player, chances are someone extremely talented will be available when they make their selection. For some teams throughout history, that home run pick has even gone 14th.

Let’s look at the top five players drafted 14th overall, starting with one of the top scorers in league history and ending with a current All-Star who has blossomed in just a few short years in the league.

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