3 former lottery picks the Boston Celtics could sign this summer

The Boston Celtics had a season to last in 2021-22, going from rags to riches in a matter of months after their initial under-.500 game transitioned to a record 31-10 in the second half of the regular season and just two wins away to win their 18th Larry O’Brien Trophy in franchise history.

Now, after their unfortunate demise at the hands of the dynastic Golden State Warriors in the championship round, Brad Stevens and co. Look to the offseason as a time to tinker with the C’s lineup, adding some particularly intriguing players to order strengthen their talent pool.

For the vast majority of the league’s franchises, one avenue they will take to achieve this goal is the 2022 NBA Draft, where we will once again see promising young prospects pouring into the association cheaply. Rookie Scale Offers.

Unfortunately for Boston, by the time they find themselves on the clock, it will already be the final stage of Round 2 (53rd overall), and while there’s always a chance we’ll find some “diamonds in the rough” type of player will make up the vast majority of Top talents can be taken off the board in the first round.

Therefore, if the Celtics are interested in adding some fresh new faces to their roster this summer, it is best to find production-ready talent either through the trade market or free agency and, in spirit since it is a draft week, there There are 3 former lottery tips, should they embark on this latter tactic, at HH we believe the front office needs to consider pursuing them:

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