2022 Stanley Cup final Avalanche vs Lightning: champions traditions and superstitions

Tradition and superstition go hand-in-hand with the sport, with athletes believing that anything they wear, eat or touch has the power to alter their ability to win. The older and more prestigious the trophy on offer, the more detailed and obscure the superstition becomes. None is more prestigious than the Stanley Cup, the oldest and most revered of all North American trophiesand it follows that no tradition is more strictly followed than that which surrounds it.

One of the most obvious and public is the fact that No NHL player will ever touch the Stanley Cup before winning it. Public appearances with the trophy are often one of the greatest moments in a fan’s life, as even the great and good cannot resist the opportunity to touch the fabled chalice. However, it is believed that touching it before you’ve legitimately won it is a bad omen and will prevent you from ever legitimately winning the cup.

Another tradition, which is a bit more problematic, says so Players should not touch trophies won en route to the Stanley Cup, particularly the Prince of Wales Trophy and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. the two trophies awarded to the champions of the Eastern and Western Conferences respectively. This one is a bit odd because there are enough exceptions to the rule to suggest it’s fading. It is widely believed that many teams that lost the Stanley Cup have taken to touching the conference trophies to forge a new tradition. For example, Both Tampa Bay and Colorado have touched on their respective awards they’ve actually won the Stanley Cup since last time.

If the Stanley Cup is actually won, a different tradition will take effect. That is the only major North American sport where the award is given to the captain of the team rather than to the team owner. It’s become such a tradition that it’s almost synonymous with the Stanley Cup. When you hear the words “Stanley Cup,” what do you see in your mind? A hockey player raising it over his head with both hands, right? Of course you did. You’ll never see that in the Lombardi Trophy, or the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, or the World Series Commissioner’s Trophy.

The first thing a self-respecting hockey player wants to do when given a giant silver goblet? Drink from it! While the Stanley Cup is technically a bowl, it can actually hold 14 cans of beerand the victors actually partake of the fruit of their victory.

Another unique feature of the Stanley Cup is that it is a true team-based award. As such, Each player on the winning team gets to spend a day on it. After all, they earned it with blood, sweat and tears. Most players want to spend their day doing it in their hometown, so the Stanley Cup has indeed traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to reach the far corners of the world. It was even used to baptize at least two babies.

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