2022 NBA Draft: Keegan Murray believes he can change Kings’ culture

The clock for the Sacramento Kings starts now as their coveted #4 pick in the 2022 NBA draft heats up. Between the rumors of trading the pick for veterans and the carousel of players whose names could or should be called by Sacramento on draft day, one thing is certain: nothing in the kingdom is set in stone.

An illustrious draft class, the No. 4 pick may be the most difficult to dial in, as the top three picks are almost certainly projected in ascending order. Outside of these tiers, Sacramento faces what may be the lottery’s biggest bungler.

Attending Draft Media Day, projected lottery pick and Iowa Hawkeyes wing Keegan Murray shared his thoughts If they join the Kings, they should be shouting his name next Thursday:

“For me as Kings, I want to be a part of that culture and a part of that group that can turn this franchise around,” Murray said.

As with every man who has worn the purple threads for the last two decades, this sentiment is not new. While the culture surrounding this franchise hasn’t changed much since De’Aaron Fox joined in 2017, despite a stronger sense of hope, the addition of two-time All-Star Domantas Sabonis has boosted the talent in this list and is therefore more promising run to win some now.

For Murray, he thinks he would fit in well between the fox and the ox, as Sean Cunningham first reported.

Murray is predicted by ESPN to currently finish at No. 5 and join the Detroit Pistons alongside last year’s No. 1 overall, Cade Cunningham.

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