2022 Aston Martin DBX707 SUV Performance, Price, Features and Luxury Review

Can this UK entrant be at the top when SUVs over 600hp are across the segment?

It’s fair to admit that many of us misunderstood the original Aston Martin DBX up to this point. With its beautiful bodywork, twin-turbo V8, sophisticated chassis tricks to help hide its size, bespoke customizable interiors, and high prices, I felt a little super SUV at the peak of the game. Its 550hp and 700Nm outputs were certainly not the best in its class, but as an overall package, it was best placed right there.

What we didn’t know at the time was the new DBX 707, which was supposed to be the Aston Martin’s true Super SUV from day one, with the currently-called DBX 550 being just a base. In general, if the 550 is a DBX series BMW M340i, the 707 will be an M3 competition.

The 707 (pronounced 7-oh-seven) may sound like a fictional British spy that everyone loves and a longtime Aston Martin brand ambassador, but it’s not. SUVs are simply named after the engine’s power numbers, not the other way around. Its 707hp output makes it the most powerful “luxury SUV” in the world today. This is a smart way to avoid other SUVs packed with a lot of power, but it probably lacks premium appointments. DBX claims to offer.

Still, even with this warning, the DBX 707 is cutting the job, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, the Audi RS Q8, the Maserati Levante GTS, the Bentley Bentayga Speed, and perhaps most decisively, the Lamborghini Urus. So where is it, and is it more than just a power bump? read.

Aston Martin DBX707: Exterior Styling and Changes

Arguably one of the most beautiful large SUVs around, the DBX gets an aggression shot with an upgrade to the 707. 16mm wider on the rear truck, giving it a tort position, having wider side skirts, and riding the new option 23-inch wheels (285 sections on the front, 325 sections on the rear). This can now be specified on the 550 as well. At the rear, in addition to the roof spoiler and stunningly carved ducktail tailgate, there’s a huge diffuser undertray protruding from the rear bumper-it’s big enough to serve a drink!

However, major changes have been made in advance, and the giant Aston Martin grill is already 27% larger. BMW and Audi have nothing about this. This, along with a new opening at the bottom of the bumper, allows for 80% airflow, helping to cool as well as downforce. There are more radiators to better tune the upgraded engine and gearbox, and more air is sent to the wheel arches to cool the brakes.

It’s more aggressive and less elegant than a standard car, but it still looks good.

Overall, some of the 550’s elegance was sacrificed, but this still remains one of the sexiest SUVs out there. The almost exaggerated sculpture of the bodywork, of course, makes it look very compact until you stand right next to it, and despite its proportions, it wears its brand identity very boldly. First, you couldn’t be mistaken for anything else Aston Martin.

Aston Martin DBX707: Interior Styling, Function, Luxury

This is a cabin designed with a particularly sporty intent because it is the color of Aston Martin Racing. The center console is a bit more crowded, but it’s more functional with the addition of shortcut buttons for drive mode and some other driver settings.

The screen is also inherited from DBX. Digital dials look great and are informative, but not as clear as the latest, but they are the main infotainment system with many requests. It’s based on Mercedes’ two-generation-old system and feels outdated in the context of today’s state-of-the-art interfaces. Navigation relies on the old-fashioned touchpad, not the touchscreen. However, Aston’s team hinted that this could be addressed with a refurbishment.

The 707 uses a new set of sports seats with slightly enhanced lateral and shoulder support, not as soft as the standard 550 seats, and with sufficient cushioning. Still very comfortable and finally relaxing. Of a long journey.

The interior is almost the same, with an emphasis on personalized and bespoke appointments.

However, let’s return to the color scheme of the AMR interior. If it’s a bit shy, be aware that it can be used with the more traditional “luxury car” specs. For example, tan and black leather instead of blue and green, and wooden inlay instead of carbon fiber. In fact, customers are encouraged to dig deeper into the brand’s “Q” customization catalog, from the colors and trims mentioned above to custom-made fixtures not found in other cars.

With soft leather, everything hand-sewn, and a luxurious design, everything in the cabin has a visible richness. And this sets it apart from most high-performance SUVs and allows them to seduce people from ultra-luxury SUVs, Aston says.

Aston Martin DBX707: Engine, Performance, Ride, Handling

According to Aston, most other SUVs in this class are based on platforms originally designed to prioritize comfort and luxury, but DBX’s bespoke platform is to offer sports SUVs first and foremost. It is designed. And from there, in order to reach the 707, we had to make careful changes to make the DBX more powerful and attractive, but we didn’t completely eliminate the long-range GT cruising feature. bottom.

That’s why the front suspension mounts are stiffer, but the rear suspensions are correspondingly softer. As a result, there was some slack in the revised steering and the active anti-roll bar at 48V. As a result, the ride height and damper settings remain the same as the standard DBX in basic GT mode and have been lowered and reinforced only in Sport mode and Sport + mode.

The center console has acquired a mode selector and other shortcuts.

They might simply put the 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 together from a DBS Super Regera to an SUV and call it a day. The power output is also easily filled. The reason for continuing to use the 4.0 liter V8 supplied by AMG is that its characteristics are suitable for SUVs and that it can save a considerable amount of weight in an already heavy car.

There is a new, more responsive ball bearing turbocharger and engine remap to reach the swelling output of 707hp and 900Nm, all of which is a wet clutch version of AMG’s 9-speed automatic gearbox. is. There is also a stronger rear differential and a new exhaust system, powered by a stronger and lighter integrated carbon fiber propeller shaft.

The result is dramatic, as expected, and when you put it on the floor from a partial throttle in Sport + mode, it advances with G-force and beautiful sound waves. When booted from a stopped state, it reaches 100kph in 3.3 seconds. It uses the full power of the AWD system, but with the right driving scenario it can also deliver 100% power to the rear wheels. When you turn off the e-security aid and start it up, there are signs of a willingness to oversteer. Signs that I didn’t want to chase the narrow mountain roads of Sardinia.

Combining ballistic acceleration with clever handling, this is an amazing technical achievement.

The DBX 550 is one of the best handling SUVs I’ve ever driven, and the 707 is slightly sharpened like never before. The steering weight and speed have increased slightly, and the pitch and roll in braking and cornering has decreased slightly. Frankly, there weren’t many things that needed improvement.This 2 meter wide 2.3 ton SUV has the mysterious ability to wrap and maintain around you. you From wrapping It Around the next streetlight post, it has electronic devices that allow some deviation, but responds fast enough to restrain you at the right time and move you forward without scaring you. To do.

The best part is that all components such as powertrains, chassis, and electronics feel cohesive interconnects in ways that many rivals do not. It feels really special because it focuses on attractive drives overall.

Still, all you have to do is put it back in GT mode to turn it into a relaxed cruiser. The 3-chamber air suspension provides a comfortable ride. It doesn’t float as soft as a full-featured luxury car, but it’s not as harsh as a sports car. This type of vehicle is reasonably stiff and has an “Aston Martin” tailgate, but if comfort is a priority, the standard 22 instead of the 23-inch of these options. We recommend using inch wheels. thing.

The optional 23-inch wheels can be felt over ruts and telescopic fittings. 22 seconds is fine.

If there is one component in your driving experience that is not fully compatible with the other components, it is a gearbox. It’s smooth and unobtrusive in GT mode, and shifts fast enough at full throttle in Sport + mode, but in any mode the response to the input can be a bit slower.

Aston Martin DBX707: Expected Price and Verdict

With a stronger powertrain and deeply carved handling, the DBX 707 casts a much wider net than the standard DBX 550. Space, practicality, luxury and quality of style all remain, but now we are aiming for a performance advantage. Fortunately, the two roles are very well balanced, without major compromises on either, and only outdated infotainment technology and sometimes lazy gearboxes are minor issues along the way. ..

In the Indian context, it’s just like what the doctor ordered from Aston Martin. The standard DBX, despite all of the advantages mentioned above, could be a bit more expensive at Rs 4.10 (former showroom, India), given what else is available in an ultra-luxury, ultra-high performance SUV space. I have. However, I’ve heard that the added performance of the DBX 707 is definitely a big attraction and will not be that high at around Rs 4.50 Clore (former showroom, expected in India) at launch.

Aston Martin’s relatively small presence in India can also discourage some potential buyers. However, for those who are knowledgeable or whose driver involvement is paramount when purchasing a Super SUV, the DBX707 should be at the top of the list of candidates.

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