2 players the Boston Celtics should trade for NOT named Kevin Durant

We’re almost two weeks into the NBA offseason, but the rumor mill is already in overdrive and the Boston Celtics are right in the mix with some of the highest profile rumours.

One of the biggest storylines to come out in this time frame is sure to involve megastar Kevin Durant, who, due to the standoff in contract negotiations between Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets, is himself considered a potential escape hazard should cohesion not be found with their Star Guard.

Well, while many people don’t think the forward is going anywhere, should a deal go through, it has the potential to become one of the biggest trades ever made in league history, and interestingly, there are those they think The C’s might own the “best package”. to land him.

Unfortunately, Brad Stevens and co. To complete such a deal, it will almost certainly come at the expense of Jaylen Brown, a player who, alongside Jayson Tatum as his star running mate, has taken the franchise to just two wins to become Banner No. 18 to bring home, so the odds of Boston parting ways with the wing this summer appear slim, meaning Durant’s landing is almost certainly not realistic in the cards.

Just because KD may not be coming to town doesn’t mean the Celtics can’t strike a deal for some other players who could end up improving their roster and therefore their chances of winning a league in the near future.

With that in mind, at HH we believe there are 2 players NOT named Kevin Durant that the shamrocks should focus on a lot more:

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