2 former players could make their way back to the Boston Celtics

We’re less than a month into the 2022 NBA offseason and the Boston Celtics have already established themselves as one of the biggest winners of this era.

On the first full day of the free hand, Brad Stevens managed to hit gold, not once but twice, when he traded Danilo Gallinari from the open market and Malcolm Brogdon.

With these transactions, the Cs have managed to address many problem areas within their rotation, as the former help bolster wing/forward depth behind franchise cornerstones Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the latter offering them another relief option in the backcourt and maybe am most important, both Add more offensive firepower to your second unit.

Now that these highly effective measures have already been taken, Boston’s next task is to figure out how to properly leverage its bevy of TPEs, particularly its $17.1 million waiver, which expires July 18.

In all likelihood, many of these luxuries will go unused – after all, they’ve already secured some of their most conspicuous spots in Ime Udoka’s lineup – but at least when it comes to the more valuable ones, we’re with The Houdini believe the franchise needs strong consideration , to introduce a trustworthy commodity, if not more than to better round out its depth.

Of course, some might argue that it might be a bit difficult to find a safe bet that has made it aboard this roster in just two games after winning an NBA title, but perhaps you’re following players who are already familiar with that Organizational culture could be a clever way to enhance these opportunities.

Today at HH we discuss 2 former Boston Celtics players to consider with one of the team’s TPEs:

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