2 draft-day steals the Boston Celtics could land with 53rd overall pick

After an incredibly eventful season, playing lows of under .500 in the first half of the regular season to highs in their first NBA Finals in over a decade, the Boston Celtics are looking to this offseason as a time to be able to prepare for even greater success in 2022-23 and beyond.

Though they were able to hit a full 180 from the midseason mark and pull off one of the greatest second-half turnarounds in NBA history, their run to ultimate glory fell somewhat short in the end when the Golden State Warriors took the C’s championship bid two wins shyly stopped by a Game 6 drubbing in the last round.

If their battle against the Dubs has taught us anything, it’s that while this team’s roster is incredibly solid and well put together, it needs one or two more complementary elements in its arsenal to try and manage the pressure (especially on offense) Take by Stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

There will be many ways Brad Stevens and co. can add such assets this summer, one of which will be during Thursday night’s NBA draft.

Now, while the Boston Celtics don’t own the rights to their first-round pick this season since it was traded to the San Antonio Spurs at the close of trading in the Derrick-White deal, they still own their second-round pick. Round pick that will have her 53rd overall on the clock.

While by this point in the evening the vast majority of legitimate NBA caliber players are already off the board, we often see at least one or two surprise talents slipping into the latter part of the event and to us at HH, we believe Boston is late has a chance in the second round to grab 2 potential steals from the 2022 NBA draft:

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