1984 title; hire Ford as coach; Seminoff, Hoefer pass

Boston Celtics head coach Chris Ford watches the Celtics in action against the Seattle SuperSonics, February 25, 1994. The Philadelphia 76ers, stuck with the worst record in the NBA, have reportedly been involved with former Boston Celtics coach Chris Ford spoken Jan. 22, 1996. Ford was in town on Sunday to speak with 76ers officials amid mounting speculation that he will replace John Lucas, who is in his second year as the team’s coach, three newspapers reported Monday . (AP Photo/File)

He was sacked in May 1995 due to the team’s ongoing decline, which in truth had largely nothing to do with his coaching abilities.

“We had all that stuff going, there was talk of Chris getting fired [months ago], there was a lot going on among the players – it was tough,” says guard Dee Brown of Hartford Courant’s Michael Arace. “[Ford] finally got the effort he was looking for [in the playoffs]. The whole league is looking for him at the moment.”

Ford coached the Celtics for five seasons, averaging a 222-188 regular-season record and a 13-16 record in the playoffs, for win odds of .541 and .448, respectively.

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